viernes, febrero 24, 2006



me puse en pedo
y llegue a mi casa
y aparentemente me conecte al MSN
y me puse d nick:
"Durmiendo y pensando en vos"

re pajero!


[ perfect enemy ]

martes, febrero 21, 2006


tendria que cerrar los ojos
y pretender que todo esta bien

o no tendria que querer a la gente
entonces no me importaria cuando no me quieren

o tal vez tendria que preocuparme por los que se preocupan

pero bueno
no se puede
cosas que pasan

* la gente que vale la pena es la q siempre esta
* amistad artifical
* si... ya se todo lo que se dice y se ha dicho... pero weno.... soy asi! y creo q seguire siendo asi!


lunes, febrero 13, 2006

HaSTa Q VueLVaS a Mi

y te llegue a necesitar para poder reir
x q t converti en todo lo que queria que seas
la mentira perfecta
y te vas, siendo perfecto (gracias a mi), te escapas...

[ estabamos tan cerca de estar tan cerca ]

miércoles, febrero 01, 2006



It may not always be so;
and I say and if your lips
which I have loved
should touch another's
and your dear strong fingers clutch
her heart
as mine in time
not far away;
If on another's face your sweet hair lay
in such a silence
as I know,
or such great writhing words
as, uttering overmuch,
stand helpelessly before the spirit at bay;
If this should be,
I sayif this should be
you of my heart
send me a little word;
that I may go unto her
and take her hands,
Accept all happiness from me
Then I shall turn my face and hear one bird
sing terribly afar
in the lost lands

"Basically, there's 'Sonnets', and they have many unrealities, and this is reality number 11. It's like a chunk of poems, and this is one of them. It's kind of him taking the piss of himself, when you make up things that scare you out of nowhere - you're just paranoid. In this particular case it's about him being madly in love with a girl, things are totally euphoric and couldn't be more perfect, and then his mind starts playing games on him. He starts imagining, what if, in five years time or something, she sould meet someone else, and how he would deal with that. He asks his girlfriend then; in five years time, when she meets and falls in love with someone else, and will smell his hair and kiss him and be naked with him and all these things - could she please tell him gently, and then he would go up to her new lover and wish him good luck with his new girlfriend, take his hand and wish him all the happiness in the world, and then walk away. It's sort of "how hard can you make it on yourself", you know? I just think it was sort of funny, because it happens - the few times in your life when you feel you've got it right, your mind start going off on "what happens if this goes wrong?" and this feeling of carrying a chinese vase across a motorway... "oh it's definitely gonna break, I know it's gonna break", and you make it up in your head when everything is actually OK." (Björk, XFM 25aug04)